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The Store

Set in a near-future Sweden, where jobs are scarce, margins are tight and corporate profit trumps all, this timely hybrid film reveals a frighteningly all-too-recognisable economic dystopia. Sköld highlights the effects of the ruthless system on families, friendships and communities. All but a hair’s breadth away from homelessness, zero-hours contract workers squabble over shifts at the discount supermarket while store manager Eleni, a new mother forced to return to work too soon, frantically pumps breast milk in the staff toilets. Poignant and compellingly performed, the film’s vignettes are punctuated with animated sequences, inventively exposing the dehumanising and absurdly wasteful effects of capitalism. And yet, beyond the store, an ever-growing ‘underclass’ offers a sense of hope through sustainability and true community.

Sarah Lutton

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Director: Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer: Lovisa Charlier

Cinematography: Hanna Högstedt

Screenplay: Ami-Ro Sköld

Editor: Patrik Forsell

Casting: Archana Khanna

Production design: Erika von Weissenberg

Costume design: Berivan Erdogan

Music: Giorgio Giampà

Cast: Eliza Sica, Daysury Valencia, Arbi Alviati, Eleftheria Gerofoka, Joshua Nicolas Sjöö, Isabelle Grill, Kristina Brändén Whitaker, Victor Iván, Fredrik Evers, Lana Chahto, Linda Hellström, Sabrin Jaja, Linda Faith, Marcus Standoft, Alisa Sofia Paulsen, Sarah Viktoria Engman

Film type: Feature

Category: Fiction

Language: Swedish, Russian

Production country: Sweden, Italy

Premiere: BFI London Film Festival 2022

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