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While Hilma is unable to hear the sounds of the world around her, she can feel their vibrations with the help of her father’s old tape recorder. Recording sounds in her everyday life, she attempts to use the playback to communicate with a boy in her neighbourhood. When he is disinterested, she realizes that she shouldn’t have been so quick to jump to conclusions.

Director: Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer: Sofie Palage, Olof Spaak, Gunnar A K Järvstad

Screenplay: Olof Spaak

Cinematography: Ragna Jorming

Editor: Hilton Jones

Music: Hans Appelqvist

Cast: Lovisa Nyman, Kristoffer Kold Erlandsen, Niclas Fransson, Eva Zaar

Film type: Short

Category: Fiction

Duration: 15 min

Language: Swedish, Swedish Sign Language

Production country: Sweden

Swedish title: Hilma

Premiere: Göteborg Film Festival 2015

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