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Nasty Old People

This is Mette's story. Member of a neo-Nazi gang, her day job is to take care of four seniors that all are just waiting to die. Her life becomes a journey into a burlesque fairytale, where the rules of the game are created by Mette herself. Mette is indifferent about her way of life, until she one night assaults a man, kicking him senseless. Waking up the day after, she realizes that something is wrong, and accompanied by the crazy oldies, she longs for respect and love. Together, they create a world of their own. A world you never knew existed.

Director: Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer: Helene Granqvist/Nordic Factory, Ami-Ro Sköld/Onoma Productions

Screenplay: Ami-Ro Sköld

Cinematography: Martin Lang

Editor: Leif Kristiansson

Cast: Febe Nilsson, Torkel Petersson, Anna Nevander, Karin Bertling, Cecile Anckarswärd, Rune Bergman, Håkan Jeppson

Duration: 84 min

Release: 2009 (The Pirate Bay)

Language: Swedish

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