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My French Revolution

My French Revolution is the love story of Alex, a blond Swedish literature student, and Gabi, a French musician on exchange studies in Gothenburg. Two queers in their early twenties, both looking for a new place to belong. They fall in love, and find new homes in each other’s families. Gabi, at first the cool Parisian in Sweden, starts to speak Swedish; suddenly she’s a North African immigrant, and the young women’s world starts to shift. Gabi’s experiences of everyday racism in Sweden also shine a new light on her Algerian background. Alex and Gabi both get a new understanding of their history and their privileges. But at the same time, the struggle for Gabi to become part of the Swedish society is wearing out their love. What happens to their new belongings when the love story has come to an end? Rewriting the traditional history of love, family and nation, they struggle to find other ways to stay in each other’s worlds.

My French Revolution is a film about first love, how it shakes you and somehow stays with you through the rest of your life. What is yours to keep when the romance is gone?

Director: Hanna Högstedt

Producer: Ami-Ro Sköld and Lovisa Charlier (Onoma Productions)

Screenplay: Hanna Högstedt

Music: Yelli Yelli / Émilie Hanak

Film type: Feature
Category: Fiction
Language: Swedish, French, English, Kabyle
Production country: Sweden, France
Premiere: 2024 (estimated)

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