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Masha De

A Kurdish father living in Norway is accused of being violent toward his child at a playground. What are the consequences when he can’t explain himself to the onlookers in Norwegian?

Masha De deals with the dynamics of victim, spectator and perpetrator, and how these are put in play in a conflict at a playground. What happens when two adults disagree but don’t speak the same language, dragging unwilling children into the conflict? What roles are adopted by those who see it happen? The film portrays structures of power and xenophobia, where intersectional complexity becomes manifest through misunderstandings and prejudice.

Director: Berivan Erdoğan

Producer: Maja Ginday

Screenplay: Berivan Erdoğan

Cinematography: Antonio Ikovic

Editor: Robin Bukhamseen and Berivan Erdoğan

Sound design: Eric Gulsén

Music: Siri Landgren

Cast: William Asanti Lundemo, Irasj Marcello Asanti, Anethe Alfsvåg, Dag Christian Klevås Rye and Bo Lindqvist-Ellingsen

Film type: Short

Category: Drama

Duration: 12 min

Language: Norwegian, Gorani

Production country: Norway

Premiere: February 2023

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