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Granny's Dancing on the Table

Eini grows up isolated from society in the woods together with her controlling and abusive father. Stories about her granny and Eini's invincible fantasy enables her to create a world within, from which she can draw her strength to survive.

Director: Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer: Helene Granqvist/Nordic Factory, Ami-Ro Sköld/Onoma Productions

Cinematography: Ita Zbroniec-Sajt

Screenplay: Ami-Ro Sköld

Editor: Patrik Forsell

Production design: Erika von Weissenberg

Music: Giorgio Giampà

Cast: Bianca Engström, Lennart Jähkel, Karin Bertling, Briten Granqvist

Film type: Feature

Category: Fiction

Language: Swedish

Production country: Sweden

Premiere: 2015

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