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Burka Songs 2.0

In 2011, France banned the wearing of hijabs and other face covering veils in public. Hanna Högstedt received funding for a film which was to feature her wearing a burqa in Paris, singing the French national anthem until she was arrested by the police. But nothing turned out as planned.

In Burka Songs 2.0, we follow the filmic process from the first idea, via plainclothes police, guilt, shame and off-key singing, to a conversation about white spaces, the veil, colonial history and whose stories are listened to in contemporary Sweden

Director: Hanna Högstedt

Producer: Hanna Högstedt, Archana Khanna

Screenplay: Hanna Högstedt

Cast: Fatima Doubakil, Ramla Abdullahi, Andra Lasmanis, Shahab Ahmadian, Athena Farrokhzad, Baker Karim

Film type: Short

Category: Documentary

Duration: 45 min

Language: Swedish, French

Production country: Sweden, France

Premiere: 2017

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