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A Safe Place for the Wild

Élisa and Klara, a couple in their late twenties, quarrel in the bathtub about where to be buried. In the apartment next door lives Maryam with her seven-year-old daughter. It’s a film about tearing down a wall and making a new home, about different nations and desire. A house warming party larger than life, and life catching up on you the morning after. 

A triangle drama about the fine line between love and friendship, and about making your own family.

Director, script and editor: Hanna Högstedt

Producer: Anna Sanne Göransson, Hanna Högstedt

Cast: Mia Ray, Émilie Hanak, Elsa Leth, Ayesha Appiano Leth

Cinematography: Sara Svärdsén

Set design: Petra Valén

Film type: Short

Category: Fiction

Duration: 46 min

Language: Swedish, English, French

Production country: Sweden

Premiere: 2011

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