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“I didn’t choose to become a film producer – the job chose me”, says Lovisa Charlier. But now she chooses it every day, having produced features like Love & Will and Your Childhood Shall Never Die as well as short films and documentaries. Lovisa, a founding member of Onoma, sees great potential in the film medium, not only in terms of examining the times we live in, but also challenging conventions and questioning what we take for granted. The role of the producer, particularly in the independent film scene, is varied and changes with every phase of a project’s life cycle. The art form itself is also broad and continuously evolving. This string of ever-changing challenges is what keeps Lovisa hooked.

She emphasizes the importance of trust and gut feeling in her job. A project has to feel right to Lovisa, but when she’s established confidence in a director’s vision, she will give her all to let their creativity bloom. She also stresses the value of having a diverse, engaged team, working under conditions that are sustainable for both colleagues and the rest of our ecosystem. When people are doing something they love and appreciate each other for it, that’s when you get to have so much fun at work.

This insistence on variation, organic change as well as growing long-term collaborations are exactly what we want our newly-launched Onoma Productions to be about.

Lovisa Charlier

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